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1. Intro

Wherein we introduce the concept of home education, and overwhelm you with a collection of research you'll want to print out and wave under the noses of those who pooh-pooh you. How many? How much? Why? We also debate David Letterman -- and anyone else who's ever sneered at homeschooling -- with irrefutable proof of the Big Secret: Homeschoolers surpass their schooled peers in every measure of success.


2. The Legal Gauntlet

Step lightly. In this chapter we walk you through the minefield of legal issues related to home education. Yes, it's legal -- although your state may be one in which school administrators don't yet know it. We also provide a fascinating graphic comparing the homeschooling laws of every US state. Check our map to see whether your state is good, bad, or some shade of ugly. In this chapter we discuss notification, parental qualifications, reporting requirements, testing, and several other legal issues related to home education.


3. Approaches and Philosophies

No, you don't have to use a chalkboard! Have a seat and learn about a score of interesting approaches to homeschooling, from classical to collaborative to unschooling. We explain the pros and cons of each approach, and provide advice about how to implement the approach that's best for your family.

4. Curriculum and Materials

How to get all the stuff that makes learning fun. Pages of advice for finding -- and creating -- inexpensive learning aids of your own. And we talk specifics about commercial curricula, personal computers, reference books, microscopes, globes, curriculum exchanges, and lots more.


5. Gaining Confidence

A teacher? Me? Here's all you need to gain the confidence to educate your own children -- and you won't even need a sharp stick! We discuss issues such as teacher certification, teaching difficult academic subjects, handling laboratory sciences, and more. Best of all: Learn how to use our trademarked PROJECT Management system for setting and meeting grand goals!


6. A Learning Environment

Raise the shades! Your home is going to be the best place in town for learning! In this chapter we discuss learning styles, IQ testing, developmental skills, grade levels, lesson planning, motivation and everything else you've wondered about teaching and learning theory. When you're finished with this chapter, you'll have trouble keeping the neighbor kids away!


7. The Balancing Act

Show us the money! Chapter 7 is a get-rich-slow scheme, where we discuss organization, budgeting, and living off a single income. Learn why working outside the home may actually cost you money! We also suggest a panoply of ideas for increasing your income while homeschooling.


8. Dealing with Challenges

Wiped out already? Take a deep breath. In this chapter we suggest ways to cure whatever problems beset you. What do you do when your toddler tries to wash the cat while you're teaching math? We discuss special education issues, objections from outsiders, parental disagreements over homeschooling, and much more.


9. Finding Support

Support groups: The girdle of homeschooling. We tell you where to find a support group, suggest criteria for choosing a support group that meets the needs of your own family, and offer suggestions for starting a support group of your own. We also discuss online support, homeschooling co-ops, and other forms of collaborative education.

10. Graduation

Not my babies! Yep, just when you get to like 'em, they're all grown up and out on their own. In this chapter we tell you how to get there from here. It's all you need to know about teaching life skills, granting diplomas, college preparation, college admissions, job training, and homeschoolers and the military.

11. Keeping Up

How will know when your state legislature decides to tattoo a duck on your homeschooled child, if you're not keeping up with the news? In this chapter we introduce you to publications and other news sources for home schoolers, and tell you everything you need to know about local conferences, competitions, and other homeschooling events.

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Homeschooling Laws, State by State

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